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Whether you are a business entity facing the challenge of hiring top talent, or a professional seeking to strategically advance your career, Squires Resources can speed you on your route to success.

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Recruitment for Bermuda, the Caribbean and Canada

We are a Canadian search firm that specializes in creating successful employment relationships between our clients and candidates.  We focus primarily on Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and Caribbean, Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.

Our areas of expertise include Information Technology, Finance, Accounting, Insurance, Sales and Marketing.  We also take on searches in other niche categories, where they apply to our geographical markets.

Canadian Opportunities

As Canadians, we are also engaged in our local career market.  We offer placement services to Canadian companies requiring staffing assistance and Canadian professionals who prefer to remain closer to home.

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Featured Job Listings

Technical Solutions Specialist

Cayman Islands

Our client is a premier IT Consulting and Professional Services company based in the sunny, tax-free Cayman Islands. On their behalf, we are seeking a uniquely qualified IT Professional to join their staff team on a full-time basis...


Payments & EMV Certification Analyst

Bermuda / Toronto

Relocate to work in Bermuda full time (tax advantage!), OR work remotely and travel occasionally to the Island headquarters! Either way, this will be an awesome opportunity for the right person to enjoy a great change of lifestyle while utilizing their EMV and payment solutions certification experience...