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Whether you are a business entity facing the challenge of hiring top talent, or a professional seeking to strategically advance your career, Squires Resources can speed you on your route to success.


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In the staffing business, past performance IS indicative of future results!

If you are a client of Squires Resources, you can count on dedicated, reliable and effective candidate selection services… delivered in a friendly and professional manner.  Many of our Clients have worked with us for well over two decades.  Some of the candidates we’ve placed have become hiring authorities themselves, and come back to us in that context.

Whether you are a Canadian or Overseas Client, we recognize that you face unique challenges in importing talent.  We understand and seek to alleviate the difficulties inherent in staffing critical positions in a timely and cost effective manner.

If you are an offshore employer, we’ll save you time and effort by discussing with candidates the preliminary qualifiers for this kind of move.  We'll assist with immigration processes and help candidates over some of the special hurdles that they will encounter in preparing to make an international move to your company.

Are you a Canadian company looking for talent?  We can help!  Every day, we are in touch with top-notch professionals who for one reason or another, are not able to relocate.  We keep track of the best of the best from this group, and the result is a highly refined local candidate pool.

In addition, we are often involved in helping Canadian professionals make the move home after spending a few years offshore.  They return to Canada with a breadth of experience that sets them apart from the rest, and we can introduce them to you.

We focus on identifying the right talent for you.  We recognize that job skills don't exist in isolation.  We know they come in a package.  We make the effort to ensure that the whole package is right for you and your company.

And when you do choose your candidate, we'll continue to be at your service for as long as it takes to establish that you’ve made the right choice.  We’ll help carry the load and we won’t rest until you agree the job is done.

We want to help... and we know we can!

Please contact us and let’s talk about the ways that Squires Resources can work with you to effect the most successful staffing solutions for your organization.

Our Services Include:

  • Assignment definition and clarification 
  • Candidate identification, qualification and reference checks 
  • Interview logistics 
  • Provision of accurate candidate feedback 
  • Support of the negotiation and offer process 
  • Assist with immigration documentation and relocation procedures