We are thrilled to have assisted so many great people enjoy unique experiences and careers in Bermuda, the Caribbean and other locations.  Here is some of their feedback.

Feedback on working in Bermuda

What people are saying...

"Hi Jason
I am in love with my new place! The team is amazing, my clients appreciate the work I do, the people are welcoming. I just got my driver’s license and bought a scooter, much visiting left… Seriously, this is the best move ever!"
- Richard, Software Developer from Canada

Things are going great!  We are thoroughly enjoying the life down here and don’t regret a thing! 
I want to thank you and your team during the whole process from application to the final move to the Caymans.  Squires Resources was a pleasure to work with and I have already recommended friends and co-workers to your website.  I would also like to extend a personal thanks to yourself for being so helpful in both a professional and personal manner.  It was very comforting to know I was working with someone that was looking out for my best interests."
- Derek, I.T. Professional from Alberta, Canada

"I was lucky enough to work in Bermuda for three years and I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life.  Getting accustomed to the lifestyle of the Island may take longer or shorter depending on a person's attitudes and needs but once you find your niche, there is so much to do.   I found softball, beach volleyball, snorkeling, I learned to scuba dive there (something I had wanted to do for years), the beach and of course the learning of a new culture is a highlight.  The other highlight is meeting so many like minded individuals from around the world.  I can honestly say I can visit 50% of the world and be in contact with someone I met in Bermuda.  I personally would go back in a heartbeat."

- Dean, IT professional from Canada  



"Hi Jason,
I just wanted to say that all is going very well here in Bermuda.  I'm really enjoying my position and it's a great team of guys I'm working with.   Apologies for not being in touch until now...I kept meaning to but we have been really busy since we got here.  Thanks for all your help over the past couple of years!"

- Rich, IT professional from the UK

My experience with Squires Resources has been great. I especially liked how right at the beginning you left an open door type policy of talking to them, talking to you, whatever I felt comfortable with. You helped me quite a bit turn into an expat... no complaints, honestly. Thanks for everything..."
- Dave, I.T. Professional


"Hi Jason,
Bermuda was a great experience, thank you for all your help!  I would not hesitate to recommend Squires Resources.  Your professionalism and insightful advice certainly helped with the transition.  The opportunity to work and live in Bermuda has been an experience of a lifetime.  One I'll always remember and be thankful for.  The three years went by quickly and I'll be sad to leave."
Jeff, Sales Professional from Ontario, Canada


"Hello Jason
Nice hearing from you!  Life in Bermuda was great, I really enjoyed it.  I say "was" since I left on Sunday - I have been transferred to a higher position within the organization.  I will miss Bermuda for sure... such a great place with great people... for sure I will try to go back and work there again.  Thanks again for helping me get this position a few years ago..."
- Séverin from Montreal


"Working with Squires Resources provided me with a wonderful opportunity to work in Bermuda.  I found both Jason and Frank to be especially helpful and professional while I was exploring the various employment opportunities and later going through the immigration application process.  The number of years that Squires has been in the business of recruiting professionals for opportunities in Bermuda and the Caribbean is very apparent given their level of knowledge on the areas and opportunities.

Living in Bermuda is not only a great life experience, but is a great employment opportunity as well.  I felt settled into my new life in Bermuda very quickly.  Within a week and a half I was already meeting great friends, found a permanent place to live (with a sea view), riding a scooter and enjoying the beaches and other sights.  The island is very diverse with many people from all over the world, but as a Canadian, I almost feel at home because there are so many Canadians.  I am currently working at a large multinational financial institution with a small company feel.  I have had contact with almost everyone in my division and have been very fortunate to work closely with senior management and my counterparts in Europe.  Working and living in Bermuda is a unique experience that I am so happy I pursued.  Working abroad may not be for everyone, so my best advice is to do your research to know what to expect before you arrive." 

- Crystal from Toronto, Ontario  



"Hello Frank,
Not sure if you remember me … you found me a job in Bermuda a number of years back - 1995 it was.  Just to let you know I've had a lot of fun in Bermuda - which in turn took me to the Cayman Islands.  Just thought I'd drop you a line and Thank You.
I am headed back to Canada - Its been more that 10 yrs now. Thanks Again Frank – it’s been great - that once in lifetime - I'm glad I took it."
- Gerry, IT professional from Canada


"I would also like to sing the praises of Jason Squires with Squires Resources Inc.  He has gone above and beyond in making this process as smooth and relaxing as possible.  Jason has conducted himself professionally in every way and treated me with the attention and respect more deserving of a company Executive or President.  Moving to Bermuda to work for this company has been the best decision I have made in recent memory, and I have you to thank."
- Chris, IT Professional from Ottawa, Ontario 


"I want to thank Squires Resources for my new life! Never would I have even thought I would be moving away from the province of Quebec.  Frank gave me a call on one freezing day of January... and now I am writing you from my living room, with an ocean view in Grand Cayman.

Without the help and patience of both Frank and Jason, I would still be in Montreal, watching the leaves fall from the trees and getting ready for the cold winter... Thank you once again for everything you have done for me.  I will remember it for the rest of my life and I am confident that the experience will change me forever."
- Chantal from Montreal, Quebec


"Hi Jason,
I hope all has been well with you. Things are good, I am really enjoying my time in Bermuda, working for ------ has turned out to be one of the best career decisions I've ever made." 
- Donald from Chicago, USA


"I hope you are all doing well. I am. My first week at work in beautiful Bermuda was just awesome... I just love the Island and the people. I've already made some friends after only a few days and must turn down invitations. I feel already integrated... I have found myself a beautiful little condo near the beach (one of the nicest on the Island) and only 10 mins from downtown Hamilton where I work."
- Guylaine from Montreal