Interested in more information on living and working in Bermuda, the Caribbean and other locations? We are pleased to offer these links as other useful reference points.

Bermuda4U.  A comprehensive guide to the Island of Bermuda. In particular the “work” section offers great insight for those thinking about employment in Bermuda.  
Bermuda Real Estate listings. 

E-Moo is one of Bermuda’s leading classifieds websites offering rental listings and much more. This is an excellent starting point for those seeking accommodation or information on current housing costs.
The Association of Canadians in Bermuda
They host an annual Canada Day celebration and offer a means of connecting with other Canadians on the Island.
Bermuda on Wikipedia

Bermuda tourism

The Royal Gazette, a daily Bermudian newspaper.

Cayman New Resident.  An excellent guide to living and working in the Cayman Islands.

The Caymanian Compass.  Daily news from the Cayman Islands.