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Fishing in Bermuda

Fishing - Catch of the day!The crystal clear waters around Bermuda are good for more than just swimming and diving!  Fishing is a popular recreational activity on the Island and while it can be enjoyed year-round, you’re likely to have the most success from roughly May to November.

Calling all Anglers!
There are no permits required in Bermuda to fish (great for tourists!) and you may end up with some interesting catches.  Typical fish caught from shore include Bonefish, Snapper, Pompano and Great Barracuda - a little more exotic than the Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout we're used to here in Ontario!

Also popular in Bermuda are reef and deep sea fishing.  There are many charters available on the Island to take you and your fishing buddies out for a unique experience on the Atlantic Ocean around Bermuda.

Heading to the reefs offshore (two of the major reefs include Challenger Bank and Argus Bank - located roughly 20 km and 50 km from shore), your catch may include Bermuda Chub, Yellowtail Snapper, Rockfish and Grey Snappers. The further you go from shore the larger the fish you’re likely to encounter…

If you decide to head out for a day of deep sea fishing, you may encounter other game fish including Blue and White Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Atlantic Sailfish and Tuna.  Costs range depending on how long you'd like to go and are typically available in half-day (roughly $600) and full-day (around $1,000) bookings.  This usually covers everything but your food and drink.  Most charters encourage catch and release but some will allow you to keep your catch (or a percentage of it) depending on the size/species.  This is something you may wish to cover off with your charter in advance.

"Ah man, you should've seen the one that got away!"  It seems that old saying is just as well known in Bermuda as back home… so don't forget to pack a camera to photograph those prized catches throughout the day.  Some of the boat operators may also offer to take pictures so you can show all your friends and family - and quickly end any arguments on who caught the biggest fish!

There are a few large fishing tournaments held in Bermuda throughout the summer months including the Bermuda Big Game Classic ( – includes some videos!), part of the Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish tournament (

Spending the day out fishing in Bermuda is sure to appeal to both the experienced angler and to those new to the sport. The Island is known worldwide as a great destination for light-tackle and game fishing - just another example of one of the many recreational activities available to you in Bermuda.

Author: Jason Squires