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  • Relocating to Bermuda

    What's involved in relocating to this subtropical paradise? Bermuda Sunset

    So you've successfully interviewed and received an offer of employment in Bermuda. Congratulations! In order for you to now move forward, your future employer will be required to apply for and be granted a work permit on your behalf.  While the employer is responsible for submitting the application to the Government, this will involve a bit of running around on your end in order to gather the documentation needed for the application.

    What's required?
    While it partially depends on the complexity of your situation (if there are spouses and/or dependents involved you will be ...

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  • Bermuda Cup Match

    Shutting down an entire Country since 1902!

    Business in Bermuda grinds to a near halt each year in late July for the annual Cup Match Holiday. The tradition of Cup Match in Bermuda dates back more than a century - this year's match is scheduled to take place later this week (July 30-31 2015) and is the 114th contest!

    The actual Cup Match is a two day Cricket game featuring a team from the west end (Somerset) against a team from the east end of the Island (St. George's). Each year the venue changes back and forth between home teams ...

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  • Fishing in Bermuda

    Fishing - Catch of the day!The crystal clear waters around Bermuda are good for more than just swimming and diving!  Fishing is a popular recreational activity on the Island and while it can be enjoyed year-round, you’re likely to have the most success from roughly May to November.

    Calling all Anglers!
    There are no permits required in Bermuda to fish (great for tourists!) and you may end up with some interesting catches.  Typical fish caught from shore include Bonefish, Snapper, Pompano and Great Barracuda - a little more exotic than the Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout we're used to here in Ontario!

    Also popular in ...

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  • Bermuda Cost of Living

    Bermuda Cost of LivingOne of the first items that many inquire about when considering a relocation of this nature is the relative cost of living.  While the cost of living varies somewhat from location to location, we'll focus on Bermuda as an example in this article.

    First of all, salaries in Bermuda are quite competitive and as of April 1 2011 subject to only a 5.25% (maximum) payroll deduction - essentially tax free!  For Canadians, this is a huge drop in taxes and you'll notice a large difference in net pay on your first pay stub.  The lack of tax (not to mention ...

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  • Diving in Bermuda

    Scuba Diving, enjoy activities like this while working in Bermuda!While there is truly an abundance of activities available for your enjoyment in Bermuda, one of the most interesting is exploring what lies below the water around the Island.  Scuba diving and snorkeling continue to be favorite past times amongst Bermuda's residents.  The sport is one that many expatriates enjoy.

    Diving in Bermuda is either a seasonal or year-round activity... depending on who you ask!  The water temperatures in Bermuda generally average a comfortable 82 F (28C) in the summer months, but dip to roughly 67 F (19C) in the "winter" months (the lowest temperatures in winter are around 60F ...

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  • Hamilton, Bermuda

    Sunset in Hamilton, Bermuda

    The city of Hamilton has been recognized as the capital of Bermuda for nearly 200 years - since taking over from the town of St George at the east end of the Island in 1815.  While many would think that the city would be located in Hamilton Parish, it is actually in Pembroke Parish.


    Front Street runs along the harbour and consists primarily of retail shops and restaurants.  Many of the restaurants have balconies that look out over the harbour and offer great views of the Island.  The buildings are primarily painted in pastel colours and house many of ...

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  • Do you have the right stuff?

    Considering working in BermudaYour resume may be a perfect match to the job description, but how do you know if YOU are right for what awaits you in Bermuda or the Caribbean?

    This can be a difficult question. In the conversations we've had with thousands of candidates over the years we've learned that there is no one personality profile that provides a reliable answer to this question.  We have seen the most unlikely individuals thrive in these locales, and those that would seem best suited initially …sometimes are not!!

    Your personal values need to be consistent with what the experience will offer you....

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  • Scooting Around Bermuda

    Couple on a scooter in BermudaWhile there are more cars in Bermuda than one might expect, scooters are the predominant mode of transportation in Bermuda (aside from a great public transit system of buses and ferries) and many expat workers will find the scooter to be an inexpensive yet practical means of getting around the Island.

    Most scooters are automatic and therefore extremely easy to operate.  No license is required for rental bikes (must be 16+ yrs old) but residents including work permit holders will require a license eventually if/when they choose to purchase a bike.  The process is fairly straightforward and involves a written ...

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