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  • Relocating to Bermuda

    What's involved in relocating to this subtropical paradise? Bermuda Sunset

    So you've successfully interviewed and received an offer of employment in Bermuda. Congratulations! In order for you to now move forward, your future employer will be required to apply for and be granted a work permit on your behalf.  While the employer is responsible for submitting the application to the Government, this will involve a bit of running around on your end in order to gather the documentation needed for the application.

    What's required?
    While it partially depends on the complexity of your situation (if there are spouses and/or dependents involved you will be ...

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  • Bermuda Work Permit Term Limits

    Edit: In early 2013, the government of Bermuda announced that it had eliminated the work permit term limit policy for guest workers.

    A question we're often asked relates to the duration of work permits Bermuda Work Permitissued in Bermuda.

    All guest workers must be granted a work permit by the Bermudian Government in order to live and work on the Island. These work permits are applied for by the employer and standard permits are normally valid for set terms of one, two or three years. At the end of the initial term, the permit can normally be extended for another term. ...

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  • Hamilton, Bermuda

    Sunset in Hamilton, Bermuda

    The city of Hamilton has been recognized as the capital of Bermuda for nearly 200 years - since taking over from the town of St George at the east end of the Island in 1815.  While many would think that the city would be located in Hamilton Parish, it is actually in Pembroke Parish.


    Front Street runs along the harbour and consists primarily of retail shops and restaurants.  Many of the restaurants have balconies that look out over the harbour and offer great views of the Island.  The buildings are primarily painted in pastel colours and house many of ...

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  • Bermuda Lifestyle

    Living and working in a new country is bound to provide countless  Kite Surfing in Bermuda opportunities for new experiences and Bermuda is certainly no exception!  The Island's sub-tropical climate means that you're able to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities year round (without the risk of frostbite!!).

    Water Activities:

    Surely one of the major draws to Bermuda is the range of water activities available.  Scuba diving and snorkeling are widely enjoyed in Bermuda - the water is incredibly clear and relatively warm throughout the year.   There are many coral reefs to explore with all sorts of colourful fish to encounter. In addition to the ...

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  • The Pink Beaches of Bermuda

    Bermuda beaches are truly unique and are well known for their subtle Macro snapshot of the sand in Bermuda pink colour.
    The colouring is due in part to the presence of a one-celled organism called Foraminifera that makes its home on the reefs around the Island.  Their skeletons are dark-red and the constant waves erode their shells and mix them with the white shells of other sea creatures to create the pink tinted sand on the Island's shores.

    Bermuda boasts a large number of useable beaches along its shoreline.  Some of the most popular beaches are found along the South Shore.  South Shore Park is a park ...

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  • What’s Bermuda All About?

    We're often asked why there seems to be so many unique career opportunities on such a small Island. The answer is actually fairly simple... the amount of business going on in Bermuda is really quite disproportionate to it's size.

    Bermuda is home to more than 10,000 international businesses.  The majority of these are in the financial services sector, which accounts for roughly 60% of Bermuda's Gross National Product.  Bermuda is one of the worlds leading centers in the insurance and reinsurance industry, right next to London, England and New York.  There are nearly 1,300 captive insurers located in Bermuda, with ...

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